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Residential - if you want to purchase a new property but have not sold your own a Bridging loan can be  used in order to allow you to buy before you sell your own property, the loan can be taken over both properties and can be up to 100% of the purchase price when using equity in your existing House.


Residential Bridging Finance can also be used to release cash from your existing property for any use that you may require, the loans are non status and available as long as you have some equity free in your property, you will need to demonstrate a clear exit route either sale of the property or cash that you are expecting from another source.

Residential Bridging Loans

If you own commercial property and need to release cash then commercial property Bridging Finance will allow you to get the benefit of the funds to use for whatever you want to use it for.


Commercial  Loans can also be used to buy commercial or semi commercial properties, where a conventional mortgage would either take too long or not be available.

Commercial Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans are often used for Auction purchases, when buying at auction the terms are generally that you have to pay within 28 days of buying the property, it is nearly impossible to arrange a mortgage in such a short time.


Also many auction properties would not qualify for a mortgage without additional works, this is where you would use Bridging Finance as the loans can be arranged very quickly and for most property types.

Auction Bridging
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